Monday, April 18, 2005

Shari'ah - A lifestyle
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In order to implement the Shari'ah into one's lifestyle, it is primarily necessary for one to understand the meaning of "Shari'ah".

Many people are into the deception of believing that Islam is the name of Aqeedah (faith and beliefs), Salaah (prayers), Saum (fasting), Zakaah (charity) and Hajj (pilgrimage). However, there is much more to the Shari'ah than these five pillars.

In actual fact, the above five pillars as a whole only reflect two fifths of the entire Shari'ah.

1. Aqaaid (beliefs)
2. A'maal (actions)
3. Mu'aamalaat (transactions)
4. Akhlaaq (moral character)
5. Husn-e-Mu'ashirat (social conduct)

It has become the general thought of people to believe that only the first two branches of Shari'ah are linked to Islam and due to that thought turn a blind eye towards the remaining three branches.

Islam is a moderate religion; a religion in which Allah Ta'ala has placed His rights (Huqooqullah) and the rights of fellow creations (huqooqul 'Ibaad).

Allah Ta'ala has placed so much importance on the rights of His creations that we are forgiven by Allah Ta'ala for any rights of His we may not fullfilled, but the rights of the creation can only be forgiven by them, even Allah Ta'ala shall not forgive us if we don't fulfil their rights.

The final three branches of the Shari'ah deal with the Huqooq (rights) of the creations, be it through transactions, social gatherings or any of our day to day interactions.

Insha-allah during this week the five branches of Imaan will be discussed in detail so that through understanding each branch one can bring the Shari'ah into one's life and reao rewards from every action that we do.

May Allah Ta'ala give us the inclination to live in accordance to the Shari'ah and the strength to obtain the knowledge that is required to fulfil this.

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