Sunday, November 19, 2006

Note to Readers

As Salaamu Alaykum,

It has been nearly been a month since I have posted on this site. Insha Allah, I shall start my posts once again in the near future continuing with the Nikaah / marriage Series.

I pray that all my readers are in the best of health and Imaan.

Please remember me in your Du'as.



Sister S said...

I hope you are doing well by the Grace of Allah. I have a specific question about marriage and proposals that I was hoping to have answered by someone. I have exhausted the help of some Imams I know over the last two years (I have a very drama-filled life - Alhumdolillah I am alive though :D ) and while they are always willing to receive my endless emails, I wanted to give them a break. However, I have a particular issue with a marriage proposal and on my own I am unable to understand where God my be trying to guide me. Does anyone know someone who I can email for help -perhaps for just a different perspective that I may not be able to see? I would really appreciate it. Jazakallaho Khaira.

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah very helpful articles. I was just wondering what one should do if the members of their family do not mix with practising muslims and therefore find themselves in no position to ever meet such a person for a marriage partner.

Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Sister S

Sorry for the delay in your answer. Alhumdulillah I am in the best of health at the moment and I pray that you are also in the best of Health and Imaan. It is good to hear that you are receiving all the help you require. If you require further help then you can feel free to comment here and Insha Allah I will try to answer your questions. If the questions are private they will not be published. Another method is through email. there are a few sisters who may be able to offer their help to you. However, I can give you their details over email.

Dua's Requested.


Jazakallah for the questions. Insha Allah, I will try and provide an answer for you in the next couple of days and post it on this blog.

Dua's requested.


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