Saturday, February 17, 2007

Collection of Treasures - Blog

For some time I have been preparing a blog dedicated to my Darul Uloom and teachers. From even before enrolling until present I have received a lot from my Madrassah, in the form of guidance, knowledge, support as well as advice.

The Madrassah, over the years, has provided many students with various knowledge through many different teachers. However, along with this knowledge it has guided its students in many matters relating to this world and the Hereafter.

The principles of the Madrassah were clear that knowledge without practice was not regarded as knowledge at all. In fact, it was as though a donkey was made to carry books on its back; it becomes a burden and bears no fruit. In effort to avoid being in the above category, an effort was made on each student to provide them with spiritual guidance and understanding of the responsibilities this knowledge brought along with it. Without such guidance, I am certain that our knowledge would come from our mouths and surpass through the listeners' ears; but practice creates sincerity and through sincerity do these words fall upon the heart.

My Darul Uloom made every effort to provide us with loving, caring teachers, who regarded us as not mere students but also like their sons. Through their dedicated efforts and loving nature they taught us the knowledge contained within the books through their various different personalities and whilst doing so teaching us much more than can be found within books.

The environment we were provided to learn and seek the knowledge Islam within is non-comparable and inexpressible; the only expression I can say is that it became our first home whilst our residence became our second home. The relaxation and comfort we received and continue to receive is a blessing of our Madrassah that cannot be explain but only experienced.

Today, I feel obliged to these teachers for giving me the honour of being their student. I pray to Allah that I remain their student for eternity and am able to accumulate their pearls of wisdom and also bring them into practice.

In an effort to preserve my days at the Madrassah and to spread the wisdom of my respected teachers, I have made an attempt to post some of their words and advices on a new blog, I pray that its message and posts are beneficial to the students of knowledge as they have been to me.

I pray to Allah to grant the Madrassah strength upon strength and to make it successful in all its aims. May He spread the work of the Jame'ah across the globe. Aameen.


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May Allah guide everyone.

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Great post your points are spot-on, especially the starting part. Congratulations

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masallah what a good post!!